TrueNAS CORE + Supermicro CSE-847BE1C4-R1K23LPB
TrueNAS CORE + Supermicro CSE-847BE1C4-R1K23LPB

4U Chassis for motherboard support size: (12" x 10") (13.68" x 13") (9.6" x 9.6") 36 x 3.5" hot-swap SAS/SATA drive bay with SES3, optional 2 x 2.5" hot-swap drive bay 12-Port 2U Backplane with Expander support up to 8 x 3.5" SAS3/SATA3 HDD/SDD and 4 x SAS3/SATA3/NVMe Storage Devices,HF,RoHS/REACH 24-port 4U SAS3 12Gbps single-expander backplane, support up to 24x 3.5-inch SAS3/SATA3 HDD/SSD 1U 1200W/1000W Titanium Power Supply W/PMbus W76xL336xH40mm 7 low-profile expansion slot(s)

Share Files. Serve Media.
Share Files. Serve Media.
Store Anything

TrueNAS CORE can be used from the home to the office to the data center for a variety of data-intensive use cases. IT professionals, photographers, designers, audio/video producers and editors, developers, and any user serious about storing and protecting lots of data can take advantage of TrueNAS CORE. Pair it with your favorite backup software to archive large quantities of infrequently used data off of your local devices and even sync and push data to the cloud.

Nothing Protects Your Data
Nothing Protects Your Data

At the heart of TrueNAS is the self-healing OpenZFS filesystem. Previously only available on the highest-end enterprise storage systems, TrueNAS gives you direct, user-friendly access to ZFS. With its built-in RAID, powerful data management tools, and ability to automatically detect and repair silent data corruption (and bit rot), TrueNAS and OpenZFS ensure data integrity from start to finish.

Go Beyond “NAS”
Go Beyond “NAS”

More than a traditional “Network Attached Storage”, TrueNAS is Unified Storage that integrates seamlessly into any environment with a variety of file, block, or object access protocols. You can also expand its functionality with a variety of free plugins, like Plex Media Server, NextCloud, Zoneminder surveillance, and many others.

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