Qumulo Active License + 4x Supermicro A+ ASG-1014S 96TB-2X100GbE
Qumulo Active License + 4x Supermicro A+ ASG-1014S 96TB-2X100GbE

Program Qumulo + 4x Supermicro servers: CPU: AMD EPYC 8-core Processor NVMe disky: 4x980GB HDD:12x8TB LAN: 2x100GbE

Why Qumulo?
Why Qumulo?
NAS/SAN Solution
Simple Management

One single, easy-to-use file data management and storage system with a modern user interface that provides real visibility with integrated analytics.

Real Visibility with Real-Time Analytics

Monitor performance, capacity, and usage of the entire file system with a real-time view at the directory/file level to simplify resource management and reduce costs.

Designed to achieve high performance at an economical price
Save data center space with a 1U server chassis footprint
Reduce power and cooling with reduced footprint
Support green IT initiatives
World class support provided by Qumulo

Big Performance, Small Footprint
Big Performance, Small Footprint
Supermicro Systems

All-NVMe systems provide lightning fast read and write speeds and unparalleled throughput to support the most advanced performance requirements. 1U Supermicro systems offer a range of capacity in node-based increments from 30TB to 153TB per node, maximizing density, reducing power and cooling requirements and lowering storage TCO. Qumulo’s advanced distributed file system allows for symmetrically scaled capacity and performance, providing real-time data visibility and performance monitoring without frequent tree walks. Qumulo offers the industry’s most efficient file system, with the maximum raw-to-useable capacity that leverages 100 percent of useable storage.

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