Supercharging Generative AI: The Power of NVIDIA RTX AI PCs and Cloud Workstations
June 22, 2024
Supercharging Generative AI: The Power of NVIDIA RTX AI PCs and Cloud Workstations


Generative AI is revolutionizing the world of Windows applications and gaming. It's enabling dynamic NPCs, helping creators generate new art, and boosting gamers' frame rates by up to 4x. But this is just the beginning. As the capabilities and use cases for generative AI grow, so does the demand for robust compute resources. Enter NVIDIA RTX AI PCs and workstations that tap into the cloud to supercharge these AI-driven experiences. Let’s dive into how hybrid AI solutions combine local and cloud-based computing to meet the evolving demands of AI workloads.

Hybrid AI: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

As AI adoption continues to rise, developers need versatile deployment options. Running AI locally on NVIDIA RTX GPUs offers high performance, low latency, and constant availability, even without internet connectivity. On the other hand, cloud-based AI can handle larger models and scale across multiple GPUs, serving many clients simultaneously. Often, a single application will leverage both approaches.

Hybrid AI harmonizes local PC and workstation compute power with cloud scalability, providing the flexibility to optimize AI workloads based on specific use cases, cost, and performance. This setup ensures that AI tasks run efficiently, whether they are local or cloud-based, all accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs and the comprehensive NVIDIA AI stack, including TensorRT and TensorRT-LLM.

Tools and Technologies Supporting Hybrid AI

NVIDIA offers a range of tools and technologies to support hybrid AI workflows for creators, gamers, and developers. Let’s explore how these innovations are transforming various industries.

Dream in the Cloud, Create Locally on RTX

Generative AI is a game-changer for artists, enabling them to ideate, prototype, and brainstorm new creations. One such solution, Generative AI by iStock — powered by NVIDIA Edify — provides a generative photography service built for artists. It trains on licensed content and compensates contributing artists.

Generative AI by iStock offers tools for exploring styles, modifying parts of an image, and expanding the canvas, allowing artists to quickly bring their ideas to life. Once the creative concept is ready, artists can switch to their local RTX-powered PCs and workstations. These systems provide AI acceleration in over 125 top creative apps, allowing artists to realize their full vision, whether they are using Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, or Blender.

Bringing NPCs to Life with Hybrid ACE

Hybrid AI is also revolutionizing interactive PC gaming. NVIDIA ACE enables game developers to integrate state-of-the-art generative AI models into digital avatars on RTX AI PCs. Powered by AI neural networks, NVIDIA ACE allows developers to create NPCs that understand and respond to human player text and speech in real-time, enhancing the gaming experience.

Hybrid Developer Tools for Versatile AI Model Building

Hybrid AI also facilitates the development and fine-tuning of new AI models. NVIDIA AI Workbench allows developers to quickly create, test, and customize pretrained generative AI models and LLMs on RTX GPUs. With streamlined access to popular repositories like Hugging Face, GitHub, and NVIDIA NGC, AI Workbench simplifies the development process, enabling data scientists and developers to collaborate and migrate projects seamlessly.

When additional performance is needed, projects can scale to data centers, public clouds, or NVIDIA DGX Cloud. They can then be brought back to local RTX systems for inference and light customization. Pre-built Workbench projects support tasks such as document chat using retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) and customizing LLMs using fine-tuning.

The Hybrid RAG Workbench Project

The Hybrid RAG Workbench project provides a customizable application that developers can run locally or in the cloud. It allows developers to embed documents locally and run inference either on a local RTX system or a cloud endpoint hosted on NVIDIA’s API catalog. This flexibility supports various models, endpoints, and containers, ensuring developers can optimize performance based on their GPU of choice.


NVIDIA RTX AI PCs and workstations, combined with cloud-based solutions, offer a powerful platform for creators, gamers, and developers. By leveraging hybrid AI workflows, users can take advantage of the best of both worlds, achieving high performance, scalability, and flexibility in their AI-driven projects.

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